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#1 Auto Paint Scratch Repair in Brisbane Mobile Service – 5 Yr Warranty At Home Or Workplace By Trained & Qualified Technicians In Less Than A Day!

Our Services

Check out our five-star rated car dent and scratch repairs services
Vehicle End Of Lease Scratch Repairs & Polish
Large Fleet, Vehicle Dent Scratch & Repairs
Senior Discounts & Free Advice
Vehicle & Car Paint Polish, Paint Protection & Cut
Bumper Repairs – Front & Rear Bumpers
New Car Part Installation If Needed
Complete Analysis and detailed inspection

Convenient Services at your door step

Why you should pick us!

We provide convenience at affordable prices

At BlueJay, customer service and valued workmanship are our MAIN priorities.
More often than not, our service is cheaper than your insurance excess.

Our aim is to resolve the damage or issues with your vehicle for the lowest cost, using the highest quality materials and in the shortest time possible!

A free quote is offered, and our written price (INC GST) quoted is the final price charged!
We don’t compromise on quality – our work is guaranteed!

We know you love your car

BlueJay have the ability to source aftermarket parts for most make and models.
Panels can be prepared and painted then delivered and fitted to your car.
For jobs that need more attention, we may need a workshop to do these jobs. We also offer a pick up and drop off service for your convenience.

Dents and scratches are heart-breaking when you love your car!

We can repair small area blemishes for a fraction of the cost of traditional repairers with no need to go through insurance.
Paintless Dent Repair can be used if the surface paint is undamaged. If the paint is damaged our technicians will match your paint colour. We will prepare and fill the surface, then blend the colour seamlessly. No-one will ever know!

When those scratches, dents and grazes add up, we can repair them so your bumper looks like new by using a mix of conventional and innovative technology.

As well as these minor fills and painting, we can weld plastic bumpers to fix cracks and puncture holes. A technician determines the colour code of your vehicle, preps the area appropriately, spray-paints and then lacquers for a flawless finish.

TIP! We know it’s tempting, but don’t try to polish down any scratches or pop out dents yourself – this often makes them worse and more timely and costly to repair.